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Over the weekend, I made a pair of edits. Here's the winter one.

Posted by Gnarly Mowgli on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The winter of 2014-2015 was remembered on the west coast for its scarcity of snow. Unbeknownst to most, the hills were alive and with powdery gifts to be taken. Scouring the Pemberton backcountry, our crew of pow hounds still found blissful turns and adventure.

Operating on two ropes to attack the inferno from both sides, we could feel the searing heat as we approached downwards. The pyre snarled loudly as small pine trees were devoured whole and the boughs exploded with crackling flames. The fire hissed in exasperation as we blasted it with water. The earth sizzled and steamed. The super soakers quickly ran dry and required replenishment. So did our beers.

Surf and Turk in Tofino

People in British Columbia frequently complain about the rain.  “It’s so wet the inside of your bones get soggy.”  There was a veritable monsoon forecast for the weekend.  Good thing I planned on spending most of my time in a wetsuit.  Bad thing I only had a 3/2.


A DAY AT LOGGERS from Brandon Kelly on Vimeo
The boys having a day at Loggers Lake.


To UTCH or Not to UTCH

UTCH-ing is more than just a sweet sound when your shred. Indeed, it can be extrapolated into a comprehensive epistemological doctrine of living and existence.

Down The Rabbit Hole
Down The Rabbit Hole
Sunset is the sweetest time.  The light is right and the magic is there for those with the will to seize opportunity. With omens of speed and flight to guide us, we seized the opportunities gifted.

Airplanes, Airbags & Mt. Sunapee
Vexations arising from Airplanes, AcroBag, and Mt Sunapee combine for an interesting weekend.

Pow Predators - Wolf Pack Origins
The Wolf Pack is the best.  Wolf Pack is a shred hungry group of progords who slave away at desks all week, in order to afford snowmobiling on the weekends; If you’re not at a desk all week, you’re likely not a hungry wolf. Wolf Pack members enjoy late starts, full moons, ever present  bluebird pow days, sled thread and daily gnar slayage.  If you’re not hucking 40 footers to your face on Sunday and writing reports on Monday, you probably don’t get wolf pack.
Graham Haywood - Alpha Wolf Mountain Slayer
After all the footage was reviewed and compared, it was clear that Graham Haywood had earned the title of Alpha Wolf for the 2011-2012 winter season. His insatiable hunger for the gnar propelled him off the biggest cliffs with the nastiest tricks all winter long. Unafraid of hucking backflips or belly flops, his presence and energy in the mountains was inspiring for the whole wolf pack.

The Sounds of Shredding
From the cliffs and highest hill,
Yeah we would gladly get our fill,
Howling endlessly and shrilly at the dawn!


Hungry Wolves
Still hunting.
Still hungry.

Snow Hooligans Destroy Frosty the Snowman in Explosion
It was a wet and dreary day on the mountain and us shredders could think of nothing better than playing with fire.

Acrobag Fresno
The first ever AcroBag tow-in winch ski, snowboard, mountain bike, rollerblade, trampoline, and high dive show for the “Downtown Fresno Winterfest Extreme Sports Exhibition and DJ Afterparty.”  Fuck yeah.
Summer in BC
Summer is a season of glory in British Columbia so get your stoke on! Although some zones have seen change and destruction, our spirits cannot be defeated and we will always discover new adventures and glory! f
Bum Life
This tragic comedy features an aspiring accountant, Gordon, who chooses to pursue The Dream of being a ski bum in Whistler. He quickly befriends a tribe of ski bums who will show him their bummy ways. He soon comes to learn that being a ski bum ain't easy. Bum Life

Pemberton Backcountry
Filmed during my last day shredding in BC before departing of a Asian travel odyssey, our crew of boys made it a day to remember. Snowmobiling up to the North Facing slopes of the backcountry north west of Pemberton, this epic zone has incredible chutes aplenty. With stable snow conditions and unlimited visibility, us powder monkeys were in Heaven upon Earth.d

Charging Rutherford
The boys continue to send nasty lines with the sleds and the boards in the backcountry of Whistler. The pic below is of Graham Haywood sending a nice 35 footer out in the Rutherford ice cap. Peep the video for more.
Haywood Huge Cliff

Whistler Powder Monkeys
The splendour of the mountains and oceans of British Columbia are a wonder to be gazed upon. This mini gallery exhibits some of the beauty found in the Sea to Sky corridor.
Visions of the Pacific North West
The splendour of the mountains and oceans of British Columbia are a wonder to be gazed upon. This mini gallery exhibits some of the beauty found in the Sea to Sky corridor.

Winning at Winter
Winter 2009 to 2010 was the second snowiest winter on record in Whistler. The epic conditions made for glorious snowmobile conditions at the zones. Sleddingwith buddies and having great times on the hill is an experience I recommend to all. If you do not own a snowmobile, buy one, you are screwing up at life without it. Check out this video for all the evidence you will need. Sledding!
Be Rad, Be Brad
Brad Meadows is a great skier who knows how to throw his weight around to carve deep powder slashes and drop bombs off gnarly cliffs. Watch Brad kill it out snowmobiling and in the Whistler backcountry.

Brad Meadows
November 30th 2010 - Brandywine Map
The main sled route into one of the best snowmobile spots on earth. This zone just keeps going forever deep. You can sled for days out on the ice cap. With incredible mini golf and big mountain freeride features, there is something for everyone. Probably my favorite area to go just to purely ride my machine. The hill climbing here is epic. Visit the Brandywine Map page to learn how to acces the Meadows, S Chute, Gauntlet, Grizzly Lake, Forum Step Down, Ring Lake, the Ice Cap and more!

Too Slow, Too Fat
Don't ski Too Slow. Don't get Too Fat.
This public safety message has been brought to you by Brad Meadows.
Too Slow, Too Fat

Intellectual Stimulation
Three articles that you need to watch or read
The Real Price of Today's Food: An examination of our food chain and the consequences.
The World According to Monsanto: Investigating the king of Genetically Modified Organism's.
Who Killed Rafik Hariri: Insight into the impotence of the UN and international politcal reality.


November 17th 2010 - Grouse Shred Map

The trails and cliffs that management does not want you to know. Visit this maps to discover where all the good cliffs, chutes, and runs are which will be loaded with fresh and amazing powder.

If you want to get the SICK stuff, you go out and hike Thrasher Creek, the definitively sickest zone on all of Grouse. It has it all including big cliffs, pillows, and amazing chutes. It's a short hike once the boot pack is set. The Ridge is more mellow and easily accessible. Get shred ready and and study this map so that you are ready for when the snow drops!

Lynn Canyon Gateway
Dropping Gatewar is a thril. You are soaring between canyon walls and landing in a churning waterfall. It's a big leap of faith and a surreal experience. The vertical drop is nearly 100 feet, and when you are looking down at the waterfall from the top... you really get a feel for the distance you are about to descend. READ MORE...
Josh Stack Resume
Josh Stack is a superb athlete whose diverse skills excel at skiing, cliff jumping, and biking. He is a wunderkid with an incredible essence of energy and motivation. As a professional skier, it is a constant challenge to meet physical demands of the body while also attracting financial sponsorship. This is his video resume and its pretty amazing. MORE...
Josh Stack
AcroBag Interviews Momentum
This summer the AcroBag was in action at Momentum ski camps to train the Canadian National Mogul and Halfpipe teams, as well as all the campers at Momentum. We interviewed the coaches and athletes to get their thoughts on the AcroBag and how it helped them reach new limits. MORE....
The first ever mountain bike progression session took place with the AcroBag at Britannia Beach along the Sea to Sky corridor. The beautiful vista of mountains and ocean was balanced by the action of people learning all sorts of new tricks on the bikes. It was epic and everyone loved the AcroBag and how much it had helped their riding. Even I learnt backflips on the bike! MORE...
Lions Bay Revived
It's been nearly two years since the old toys were removed. Finally, we restored the diving board and hammock and yet again, Lions Bay is Revived. A veritable cliff jumper's paradise.
Lynn Canyon Glory
Possibly the sickest and most incredible place to go cliff jumping ever. With an unbelievable natural waterslide and epic cliffs everywhere, Lynn Canyon is an spectacular destination. People DROWN here ALL THE TIME! So be very careful when you jump here and try to only go in August when the water levels are low. With a big crew including myself - James Hillier and the boys - Josh Stack, Graham Haywood, Brandon Kelly, Marc Andre Tarte, Eric Herbst, Kevin Brun, Matt Pointer, Jon Unger, and many others, we had an amazing day in the canyon and this video goes to show it.
July 13th 2010 - Miller Ridge Epic Pow
A foot of fresh and stable powder glistened on the north facing chutes of Miller Ridge and our crew enjoyed them in utter bliss. The alpine bowls have so many unique and amazing chutes that every lap we were getting freshies on a new sickest chute of life ever. The snow was so stable, we made it up to third bowl and skied a good 3000 feet of vertical down to the lake below. It was truly epic.

June 30th 2010 - Ancient Greece
Despite all their current economic woes, there is one thing their history can attest to - those scrappy Greeks will rough it out through any travesties their gods may inflict and keep their historical monuments intact. The Parthenon is not going to be mortaged and it is a beautiful sight to see. The entire Acropolis in Athens is utterly enchanting and simply radiates magic and mystique.

No less impressive are the Greek islands of Santorini and Rhodes. Absolutely stunning. Santorini is the volcanic remains of an island which cataclysimically exploded around 600BC and destroyed the Minoan civilization based there and Crete. The center of the island sank into the sea and the population was wiped out. The Lost city of Atlantis perhaps?

June 30th 2010 - Spain
Images from my travels to Spain last year. Toledo is a wondrous place full of vibrant colours and a rich history. We arrived the day after an annual festival and it was still fantastically adorned with grandiose decoration. Likewise, Madrid is a beautiful city with rich architecture and great places to visit, eat, and enjoy art. There was a special exhibit by Jaoquin Sorolla who is a masterful painter with imagery that captures the true essence of moments.

June 28th 2010 - AcroBag Oregon
On a mere 24 hours notice from Marc-Andre Tarte, before we could even properly consider the implications, Jon Cole and myself somehow got reeled into driving the AcroBag down to Mt. Hood, Oregon where it would be used at the funnest place on Earth - Windell's! Along the way we would stop at Short Sands near the quaint and cozy surf town of Cannon Beach.

AcroBag Oregon

June 25th 2010 - Trampoline Tricks
A fun compliation of some of the trampoline stunts I have performed over time including several of the Trampoline Bridge sessions, and some wall jibbing at Surrey Gymnastics Club - the last tramp in Vancouver with a good wall jib and foam pit combo.


April 20th 2010 - Sled Nasty
It just wouldn't stop snowing this winter. The pow kept on piling up outside and there was little I could do but shred the epicness. I love owning a snowmobile. Buying my 2006 Ski-Doo MXZ with 800cc engine was a winning decision. I just love riding my machine. Skiing the best and freshest pow is just a extra bonus.

SInging Pass finally got good this season and in one days, I did SEVEN laps of the gnar. It was unbelievable. Even going snowmobiling, I don't get that much gnar in a day. You just get som much sheer vertical riding resort. And singings simply has my favorite chair lift accessed terrain around. Its the best.

January 29th 2010
With the epic snowfalls cascading upon the Whistler valley, Gnar Life has been hoofing it up and shredding the shiz. Peep the latest edit of snowmobiling and skiing the gnar around Whistler and Vancouver with James Hillier, Graham Haywood and crew.
October 19th 2009
Winter 2009 was very dry of snow early on. Yet for thee of faith and heart, the winter was still full of late season rewards. The magical shadow protected a stash in Khybers for us, Singing Pass is always full of songs of glory, Revelstoke got us incredibly stoked, and the sledding in Seagram's was so good we had to go back for more.
September 10th 2009
Uncle James Hillier and nephew Marc Aboussouan were reunited for a wonderful weekend of stunts in Montreal. Playtime included river surfing the St Laurence at Habitat 67 where we also set up a super fun rope swing under the bridge. We paid a little visit to the gymnastics club in Laval for some flippy spinny, and we even did some river rafting in $20 Wal-Mart inflatable Explorer 200 boats. Oh those disposable kayaks sure have great value!
August 22nd 2009
Lynn Canyon is one of the best, and most dangerous, cliff jumping zones in the world. The Circuit is about as much fun as you can have on a river and the waterslide is definitely the highlight. Just be really careful about the water level when you jump here. August is basically the only month when the water is low enough to go, otherwise there is nasty undertow and you can get stuck under the falls and drown. People die here all the time, so be careful. But when the water level is right......... SEND IT !!!!
August 7th 2009
I have been embraced by the longing arms of summer once again and it appears I am transfixed under it's comforting gaze. I feel like a new retiree with the newfound time to tend to the lawn and tidy up the house. But of significant more importance, there is time to do fun things like put trampolines on top of bridges:

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Sucia Island
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Russet Lake Cabin
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2006 Ski Doo Shop Manual
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