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Lions Bay - Treasure Map
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Pool 99 is an idyllic tranquil spot with a modest 20 foot cliff to jump. It's fairly popular with the North Vancouver locals and being at the bottom of a bunch of downhill mountain bike trails also adds to its visitations. Be warned that the parking here isn't friendly and you should park your car tucked away on a street and not right in front of the gate. To get here, take Riverside road and drive basically to the end where the cul de sac is. Park your car somewhere nearby and return to the cul de sac. About 50 meters down the road along from the cul de sac is a big door that's all locked up. Hop over this gated door and walk down the stairs and you are there. Yup, they lock the door. Residents are hateful of people enjoying the beauty of nature (and the associated noise that comes with people having fun). Personally, I think it's wrong to try to restrict people from accessing what belongs to the world. It's a nice place to take a dip after hiking or biking (there are many great trails nearby) but I it's not the best place to go cliff jump.

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pool 99
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